Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Choose Your 2011/2012 EPL Team

Being new to the English Premier League can be hard. With all the history, rivalries and recent changes it's a challenge to even select who to support. If you just can't make your mind up then this (unofficial) flow chart will help you cut through the crap and find the right team for you - guaranteed.

Click the image for the full size version.

If you have any complaints then please report them in the comments below. Thank you.


  1. Arsenal yo!
    they should start buying some players,
    i mean yeah, their Youth is alright, but they should really invest.

  2. Oh god, I may not understand all the jokes in there, for I live in the USA and do not watch REAL football *fuck that stupid American shit, seriously guys, football denotes FEET!* but it was hilarious nonetheless. I'd pick the Welsh team just cause I have a few amazingly hot Welsh friends:D

  3. I got Manchester!

    Like the blog!

  4. I liked Newcastle because of great Shearer playing.

  5. very nice blog, great background

  6. Arsenal Fuck Yeah! Being American gives me an excuse to bandwagon, right? You guys would only like the Lakers or the Patriots. Am I wrong?

  7. Since I am West Ham 'till I die, and they were relegated :( I will cheer for Chelsky :p